Mailbox Locks

The other day (a couple Fridays ago) a former boss, now a Padlock’s customer messaged me and asked if I could pick open/ drill open and replace his mailbox lock on one of those “Community” mailboxes like the ones pictured below.


So, having worked on some of these (with the locksmith that I apprenticed with) but unsure as to the legality I did some research before heading over to my customers house.

I found this blog from this year that says “Go For It / DIY” because a locksmith is going to be too much (he was quoted $250) but all the comment said “boo”, this is highly illegal, don’t drill your mailbox, etc. In general, I charge around $45 to come out and replace your mailbox lock with a couple keys (almost 1/5th as much as many other “locksmiths”). and it is completely legal.

How to Change a Mailbox Lock in 5 Minutes

Later on, I decided to check with the Post Office and found this tips page or faq.

Tips for Postal Customers with Centralized Mailboxes

In the end I found out that it is not only legal to change your mailbox lock but highly recommended if you just bought a house that has one of these style mailboxes, are renting a place with one (please make sure it is ok with your landlord), or just happened to lose your key (the case with my customer.. p.s. it was in the mailbox, idk how but it was)

So when you are ready give me a call and we will get you fixed right up.


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