Keyport Slide V2.0 (and V3.0)

IMG_2002 2 A couple months ago I posted on Everyday Carry (or EDC) key systems.

After doing a little bit of research (mostly just just deciding that I need a system that worked well with modern transponder car keys) I decided that I was going to order a Keyport Slide V2.0 (which just happened to be on at the time).

I now have had and have been using my Slide V.2 for about a month and it makes carrying almost all the keys I would ever need a quite easy and enjoyable task. The unit is around the same dimensions as a box of tictacs. In that space I have keys to both my cars (I have to swap transponder chips if I want to drive my wife car though), keys to my house, my parents house, my grandmas house in San Diego, and a mini flashlight or ball point pen depending on my daily needs. My wife thought that it was going to be really gimmicky (and I will admit I was worried about that a little as well), but after using it for the month it is amazing.

Shortly after I received my Slide from Keyport announced that they were soon launching a Kickstarter for Keyport Slide V3.0 a new version that will be made out of aircraft aluminum and stainless steel.62ec9246e4d8c1051c74c18816704893_original Even though I have a V2 that I adore I promptly backed because along with the 6 port polycarbonate version 2 they are offering a 4 port and a 6 port (I ordered both!) and a completely new model the Keyport Pivot (older design that has been around a while but allows you to not have to convert all your keys to keyport blades). I prefer the esthetic of the slide design in a finished product, but you are able to decide based on your needs in a key system.

I plan to become an authorized dealer for Keyport as we do not have one in Bakersfield. The basic dealer package is $500 which comes with supplies to build 10 Keyport V2.0 Slides (your cost will be around $60-70 for a complete slide depending on features). So if you are interested please message me so that I can get the ball rolling (especially if you are willing to give me a deposit to help cover initial costs). I love mine and I am pretty sure you will as well.

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