Welcome to Padlock’s Locksmithing.

I am Mark Paddock, owner operator of Padlock’s Locksmithing. Locksmithing and physical security have always been an interest of mine.

When I was a small child my Dad was a locksmith for the local county government, and My Granddad owned many rentals that my brother and I helped maintain on occasion.

Between my Dad and Granddad I learned about locks and rekeying at a pretty young age.

As I hit school age, Peers (and Bullys) caught on that my last name was quite similar to Padlock so it became easy goto fodder for childhood torment.

Now 20-some years later I am starting Padlock’s Locksmithing to own my childhood torment and take my love of locks and helping people be/feel safe to the next level.

So, with a website (always a work in progress), my state locksmith license, facebook, email addresses and a phone number set up. And my first big purchase of my code cutter and duplicator on the way. We will soon able to provide most residential, some light auto, and commercial accounts with quality locksmith service at reasonable rates.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Padlock’s Locksmithing.

  1. Wendy Benson says:

    Hi Mark! Could we please schedule an estimate? We want to have new locks put on our (3) doors. The doorknob/deadbolt hardware has deteriorated, so we want to replace and re-key all the hardware: 3 doorknobs and 2 deadbolts.


    • Good evening Wendy, yes we would be happy to help. Please give us a call or text at 1 (661) 241-3499. But for a rough estimate it would be a $45 service call and $10 a lock to rekey for a total of $95 unless I need to provide hardware in which case it would be the $95 plus cost of hardware.


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